I.G's Message

In order to professionally upgrade ourselves to ensure the rights of prisoners and to help their reintegration into the society, we started Regional Institute of Correctional Administration at Dum Dum for the grassroot level staff of the correctional homes. Our goal is to make the officers and staff professionally competent and sensitize them to the needs of inmates in every possible way. The job of a correctional officer demands the strict discipline of the police on one hand and a sympathetic reformist attitude of a social activist on the other. Today’s correctional officers need to have a wider perspective of social, governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to solicit their support for achieving the desired objectives of development, reformation and rehabilitation of the prisoners. The RICA doesn’t only train our own administrative support staff but also officers of different cadres from entire North-East India with responsibility and repute. This website will serve as a research guide to people who are interested in the system and also to the students of various disciplines.


IG of Correctional Services
West Bengal