Mission & Objective

MISSION OF RICA: The mission of the RICA is to maintain & build excellence in the Correctional Officers, unleash their competencies with creative & analytical potentials in the field of Correctional Management. It will provide highest professional quality requisite with utmost attitudinal standards to meet the current expectation in the field of Correctional Administration as set out in the West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992.

OBJECTIVE OF THE COURSES CONDUCTED AT RICA: The Courses that are being be offered by RICA, are designed to cover areas like Correctional Administration and Management, Management, Law, Sociology, Criminology etc. These courses will help Correctional Officers in every aspect of Correctional Management - from the principles of management to organizational behavior. These courses will maintain an excellent balance to create the Correctional Officers with the right blend of skills and functional knowledge. With development of the training facilities and the experience gained during the last three years, RICA is striving to fulfill the following mission:

1. Developing an institution of Correctional Services, Criminal Justice, and Management for bringing about excellence in these and related domains.
2 Integrating all the relevant branches of knowledge to focus on subjects relevant to Correctional Services and criminal justice.
3 Promoting capacity building in competencies related to the domains of Correctional Management, Criminology and related areas through the offering of education and research.
4 Fostering the creation of new knowledge in the domain of criminal justice, Correctional Services and related areas and its transmission for use by service provider in the related fields.
5 Providing a forum for engagement between field practitioners and researchers for generating new knowledge and innovations in practice relevant to Correctional Services.
6 Developing and promoting new teaching methodologies and thereby encouraging innovations in training..
7 Help the participants to understand the role of a Prison/Correctional Officer in good governance, as envisaged in the Indian Constitution and the Prison Act/Correctional Services Act and need for a healthy relationship between Prison/Correctional Officers and other agencies for achieving their common goal.
increase awareness of the different dimensions and elements that constitute Security as well as threats to such security and  to provide an opportunity for the participants to interact and exchange ideas on the Subject
9 Understand self and team which govern decision making as well as the Modern Management Principles as applied to functioning of a  Prison/Correction Officer.
10 Recapitulate the various essential elements of day-to-day Prison/Correctional Work in the Prisons/Correctional homes.
11 Appreciate the implications of the Orders issued by the Supreme Court, High Court, National Human Rights Commission etc. pertaining to the Prisons/Correctional Homes.